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Shasta Music Summit - July 5-12, 2022



The Shasta Music Summit is a gathering for serious acoustic musicians of all ages and levels of skill, who come together for a week of workshops and community living, sharing and exploring musical ideas in a creative stimulating environment.


It is a small intimate experience, and we work diligently to offer our very limited space to the musicians best suited to the experience, who will share the spirit and camaraderie of Shasta far and wide.

Returning participants are often given first priority registration, and preference may be given towards certain instruments or stylistic bents in the interest of balance.  There are no age limits.


If you are interested in attending for the first time, please email at least one mp3 recording of your playing, a link to a video of you playing if there is one, and a page of writing about your music, life interests, background, and why you hope to attend Shasta.  (This is NOT an essay!  It needn't be formal..)  This helps us know how we might accommodate you into the class schedule, and if Shasta is the right fit.  We can't guarantee you a spot.  But we'll do our best.

If you would like a family member (of any age) to attend with you, please have them write us a bit about themselves as well.


Due to cancellations, spaces may open up at the last minute.  If we're unable to make room, we can provide a list of excellent music camps/workshops you might enjoy, based on your interests.


Email your information and any questions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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