Roy "Futureman" Wooten

FROM DRUMS TO SYMPHONIC WORKS -                                                 Roy "Futureman" Wooten is a modern day renaissance man, a groundbreaking drummer, inventor, composer, and a five time GRAMMY Award winning member of Béla Fleck and the Flecktones. Audiences became curious when he first appeared in 1988 playing a "Drumitar" – his own invention, using a unique hand drumming technique which allows him to play the drum set electronically with his hands and fingers instead of drum sticks...  Futureman's rhythmic, melodic, harmonic and symphonic explorations led him to compose a series of large musical works. Young Roy Wooten remembers "I used to keep a quote in my wallet by Miles Davis that said "the melody would be found again in the rhythm of the drums and the bass".  With this new approach to melody, Futureman created his own original ballet dedicated to the many stages of Matriarchy, entitled "Evolution d' Amour" along with a prequel Symphonic work dedicated to Le Comte de Saint Germain, "the Secret of Kings". He composed an " Aesthetic Mathematics" translation of Pi and the golden ratio into a rhythmic and symphonic musical message and also an 8 movement symphonic work and a screenplay for his passion project "CHEVALIER - To Play & To Fight" - A true story celebrating the extraordinary life and times of a mix-raced 18th century composer, conductor, virtuoso violinist and sword fighter who rose from slavery to legendary status. "It's no accident" Futureman says "especially now that I have realized my own way to melody, harmony and rhythm, that I now see the drumset as a piano and the piano as a drumset". 

Futureman solo: The Secret Drawer

Futureman w Bela Fleck and the Flecktones: Gravity Lane

Futureman 432 Series Ensemble w Commentary: The Unanswered Question

Futureman's 432 Series Introduction: Appalachian Spring (Excerpt)

Keith Little

Keith Little is a nationally acclaimed vocalist, recording artist, composer, and producer. Adept on guitar, banjo, mandolin and fiddle, Keith has been an important member of many influential bluegrass/country bands (Country Gentlemen, Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder, Lonesome Standard Time), and sung on Dolly Parton's GRAMMY winning recordings "The Grass Is Blue" and "Little Sparrow", and "Another Country" by the Chieftains.  An amazing vocalist, Keith is also a featured member of the David Grisman Bluegrass Experience, and the Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band. His compositions have been recorded by Crystal Gayle, Claire Lynch, Tim O'Brien, and the Whites (among others).

The Bee Eaters - T&T Clarridge

Featuring hammer dulcimer wizard Simon Chrisman with 6-time Grand National Fiddle Champion siblings Tristan and Tashina Clarridge, The Bee Eaters combines "chamber music's finely calibrated arrangements with bluegrass's playful virtuosity and pop music's melodic resourcefulness" according to The Boston Globe.  Tashina has performed at Carnegie Hall with renowned bassist Edgar Meyer, and has toured with Mark O'Connor, Laurie Lewis, Tony Trischka and others.   An innovative cellist, Tristan is a member of internationally acclaimed group Crooked Still and has toured with Natalie MacMaster, Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, and Bruce Molsky.

The Bee Eaters | Theodores Waltz:

The Bee Eaters w/ Bruce Molsky | The Way It Is:

Luke & Rachael Price

Luke Price is a talented young multi-instrumentalist known for pushing genres, styles, and fellow musicians into new territory while delicately respecting the great musical traditions that have come before.  A masterful Texas fiddler, Luke began competing in fiddle contests at age 7, going on to win a long list of fiddling championships, including the Grand National title the past 2 years running, and the Grand Masters in Nashville TN.  While continuing to carry on the Texas fiddling traditions, Luke began to expand his playing to many other styles, namely; jazz, soul, blues, funk, bluegrass, and pop.  Rachael Price is a phenomenally gifted vocalist and songwriter - together they form the Old Soul Pop duo, Dean!  Watch a beautiful video of Dean! here.

Luke and Rachael Price (DEAN) | If You Were: Luke Price with Matt Hartz | Dough in the Fryer:

Ethan Jodziewicz

Ethan Jodziewicz fully embodies the notion that nearly anything is possible on the bass. His zeal, musical omnivorousness, and technical ability allow him to not only thrive in bluegrass, jazz, old-time, funk, symphonic and chamber music, but also to push the boundaries of bass playing beyond its traditional roles. Ethan studied from Edgar Meyer at Curtis Institute of Music. He tours with Sierra Hull (their recording earned a Grammy nomination) has shared the stage with Bela Fleck, Ralph Stanley, and David Grisman to name a few.  "We've all heard bass players take a stab at fiddle tunes... But Ethan plays them fully realized, as smoothly as Kenny Baker ever pulled a bow.” — Bluegrass Today

Dale Russ

Dale Russ  "...plays with precision, fluidity and grace (Victory Music Review). 

"[Dale Russ] is one of the greatest fiddlers I know in Irish traditional music."
-Martin Hayes 

" the top echelon of traditional fiddlers in the country, one of the very best."
-Mick Moloney

Dale Russ w Jodys Heaven | February Reels:

Dave Cory (2019)

Dave Cory is a leading exponent of irish tenor banjo, known for his driving impeccable rhythm, innovative variations, and abounding virtuosity coupled with profound understanding of the traditional idiom.

  Dave Cory and Eliot Grasso | Jigs: The Purse Rusted Shut/The Green Lady/Morgan Andersens:

Matthew Hartz

Legendary Texas fiddle master Matthew Hartz has an "ability to express through music what most of us can only feel." (in the words of Texas fiddle legend Jim "Texas Shorty" Chancellor). From an early age, Matthew's ear was bent toward old-time fiddle masters Benny Thomasson, Oroville Burns, Texas Shorty and Terry Morris; but also The Beach Boys, the Ramones, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash... Renowned in many fiddling circles for his deep groove and rhythmic integrity in any style he touches, Matthew was crowned Grand Champion numerous times at the Grand National Fiddle Championships in Weiser ID, the Grand Master Fiddle Championships in Nashville, TN, and the World Championships of Fiddling in Crockett, TX...

Matthew Hartz | Marion Sessions | Sally Goodin:

Matthew Hartz | Marion Sessions | Sawyers Waltz:

Rushad Eggleston (2022)

Born in a log cabin in Big Sur CA, Cello-goblin Rushad Eggleston is a masterful improviser and a wildly inventive performer; he's known for his revolutionary cello playing, semi-acrobatics, and motivational songs from his own land of Sneth. Two decades of practicing and meditation led Rushad to invent bluegrass cello, co-found folk-bluegrass sensation Crooked Still, and earn a Grammy nomination with the all-star group Fiddlers 4.  "Rushad Eggleston presents himself as an ambassador from another world, and it can be easy to believe him" (Boston Globe).  "There's more to a Rushad Eggleston show than fantasy, though. His show is a performance, complete with flashy gallivanting, intricate playing, wild storytelling and some of the most unique sounds ever produced on a cello. Eggleston isn't just weird for the sake of being weird. [His] playing is dynamic and complex. His right hand bounces from bow to plucking with indefatigable precision and the fingers on his left hand scuttle across his cello's neck like a tarantula jigging it up." (Adirondack Daily Enterprise)

Rushad Eggleston (solo)|Arznowood:

Rushad Eggleston (solo)|I'm a Falcon:

Kala Ramnath (2019)

"incredibly lyrical playing... one of the greatest musicians on the planet.” -San Francisco Chronicle

The contemporary torch bearer of the Mewati Gharana, Kala Ramnath stands today amongst the most outstanding instrumental musicians in the North Indian classical genre. Born into a family of prodigious musical talent which has given Indian music such violin legends as Prof. T.N. Krishnan and Dr. N. Rajam, Kala began violin studies at age 3, under the strict tutelage of her grandfather Vidwan. NARAYAN IYER. Simultaneously she received training from her aunt Dr. Smt. N. RAJAM. For fifteen years she put herself under the training of Mewati vocal maestro, Sangeet Martand PANDIT JASRAJ. This has brought a rare vocal emotionalism to her art.

Kala has performed at all the major music festivals in India and dozens of music festivals worldwide, such as North Sea Jazz Festival in Cape Town, South Africa, Celebrations of India's fiftieth year of Independence in Europe and the Festival of India presented by Government of India in Dhaka Bangladesh.  She has also extensively toured the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, France, Belgium, Greece, Russia, South Africa, Seychelles, Middle East, Trinidad, Kenya, Tanzania, Australia, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Mauritius etc.

Kala Ramnath and Ty Burhoe | Yaman:

Jody Stecher (2019)

Jody Stecher's deep and vivid music has inspired four generations of musicians and music lovers on five continents. A renowned singer and multi-instrumentalist regarded as one of America's leading traditional folk artists, Jody has collaborated with David Grisman, Jerry Garcia, Peter Rowan, Alasdair Fraser, Krishna Bhatt and Kate Brislin to name a few. His Grammy nominated, Indy Award winning recordings span bluegrass, traditional old-time and Indian classical.  Jody is known for his "ability to capture the essence and core of traditional music" and "to crystalize the spiritual essence of a song while making it his own". Accolades include " a creative master", "achingly expressive" and "a national treasure".  David Bromberg said, "Jody Stecher was basically my teacher. He opened my ears to more beautiful music than anyone else ever did... more than I ever knew existed. He is also one of my favorite musicians on Earth to play with."  "A high, hotly honed voice, sometimes cutting through melodies like a scythe, sometimes unfolding like fine old velvet, warm and worn just right, beyond his years. His guitar, fiddle and mandolin playing are the stuff for which the critical cliches "soulful" and "masterful" were invented. Singing like the ghost of himself, lost in the foggy ruins of time and dreams, Stecher lands the most elusive catch of all – the truth." -No Depression  "sublimely honest vocals" -Sing Out!

Jody Stecher and Kate Brislin | The Bramble and the Rose:

Jody Stecher | The Golden Vanity:

Oh the Wind and Rain:

Queen of the Earth and Child of the Stars-Roving On Last Winters Night:

Jordan Tice (2019)

Jordan Tice has developed a reputation as a unique and versatile guitarist and prolific composer of some of the most thoughtful and well-crafted tunes of his generation. He leads his own Bluegrass band Horse County, and tours in the all star acoustic band Hawktail, alongside of fiddler Brittany Haas (Crooked Still), bassist Paul Kowert (Punch Brothers),and mandolin maven Dominick Leslie. -


Lily Henley (2019)

Lily Henley grew up traveling to fiddle and song camps, and was initially inspired by Celtic music, especially Irish fiddling and the highly-rhythmic Cape Breton fiddle style. However, it was her move to Tel Aviv, Israel for three years that cemented her current work. There Henley became inspired by the language and rhythms of Sephardic culture, music that she had first experienced as a young child. The flowing and bubbling vocal lines of Ladino music and language seeped into her own songwriting and brought a new repertoire. This blend of Old World influences, ranging from the Fertile Crescent to the Celtic Isles, with the fiddle and song traditions of the New World, is the key to Lily's music. It's the extension of her love of the rhythms of human language and her passion for bringing old traditions into new light.

Eamon O'Leary (2019)

Eamon O'Leary started playing Irish music while growing up in Dublin through his friendship with the Mayock family, traditional musicians from County Mayo. When he moved to New York City in the early 90's, he immersed himself in the city's traditional music scene and traveled widely, performing with many of the great players in Irish music. In 2004 he and fiddler Patrick Ourceau released the album Live at Mona's. Eamon has taught at many traditional music programs in the US and also records and performs original music. His last solo record, Old Clump, was released in 2012.

Eamon w/ The Immigrant Band (John Doyle, Rafe and Clelia Stefanini and John Herrmann) "My Boy Willie":

Sean Watkins (2019)

Sean Watkins co-founded Nickel Creek when he was just 12 years old, kickstarting a career that’s taken him from the stage of the Grammy Awards to the top of the bluegrass charts. The groundbreaking trio's platinum selling albums earned them a Grammy Award and the respect of musicians and fans everywhere.  Along the way, he's become a masterful guitarist, singer and songwriter and a member of many different groups, including the touring bands of legendary singers Jackson Browne and Lyle Lovett.  Following the 25 anniversary tour of Nickel Creek, Sean has released two solo albums. He is currently touring in support of his brand new album What To Fear.

Sean w Nickel Creek | 21st of May:

Sean Watkins | What to Fear:

Sean w Nickel Creek | Somebody More Like You:

John Herrmann & Bigfoot Trio (2019)

A master of Appalachian mountain music, John Herrmann has played banjo for 50 years and traveled the world performing for thirty plus years, with extensive touring in France, Germany, Italy and Japan.  Equally adept on banjo, fiddle, mandolin, bass, and guitar, he has recorded at least fifty records on labels such as Rounder, County, and Sugar Hill, (most notably with Art Stamper and Ralph Blizard), and performed numerous times at the Smithsonian Folk Festival, and the National Heritage Award Ceremony.  He is joined by Rhys Jones and Meredith McIntosh.

John w/ Immigrant Band | Stay Single If You Can:

John Herrmann w Tim O'Brien and Dirk Powell | Cherokee Trail:


Ben Krakauer (2019)

Ben Krakauer is a phenomenal banjoist, ethnomusicologist, and composer, with a strikingly original style drawing on Jazz, Bengali folk music, bluegrass (he toured with David Grisman), and old-time American music.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Ben Krakauer w Pete Frostic | Wide Open:

Jesse Harper (2019)

A powerfully deft songwriter, singer, guitarist, arranger, and a charismatic performer, Jesse Harper is a founding member and lead singer of acclaimed supergroups Old School Freight Train and Love Canon. A resident of Charlottesville Virginia, Jesse has played thousands of concerts in North America and Europe and performed with many of his musical heroes including David Grisman, Madeleine Peyroux, k.d. lang, Jason Mraz, Josh Ritter, Ricky Skaggs and others. His latest release, One True Thing, draws from his signature synthesis of early Jazz, Classical, Folk and Pop music, featuring Jesse's songwriting and collaborations with all of the geniuses he is lucky enough to be friends with.

Jesse Harper | Strangers: 

Jesse Harper | One True Thing:

Jesse Harper | Porch Swing:

Jesse Harper with Bridget Kearney Live String Summit | Instant Karma:

Dominick Leslie (2019)

Though only 29 years old, mandolinist Dominick Leslie has spent every one of those years immersed in bluegrass and acoustic music, and his innovative style and musical curiosity are informed by these deep roots. He currently tours with all-star acoustic quartet Hawktail, who's debut album "Unless" just hit the streets. Dominick studied with mandolin masters David Grisman, Mike Marshall and Chris Thile, and performed in France as a member of Mike Marshall's Young American Mandolin Ensemble. He has toured with The Bee Eaters, The Grant Gordy Quartet, Noam Pikelny and Friends and The Deadly Gentlemen.



Duncan Wickel (2019)

Young violinist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Duncan Wickel is quickly becoming known for his stylistic mastery of Jazz, Irish, Old Time and Bluegrass music, captivating audiences and fellow musicians with his creativity as well as the subtle authenticity and chameleon-like ease in which he blends and changes styles. The Boston Globe said "[he is] as persuasive in a traditional Irish ballad as he is country fiddling or ripping through cascading classical flourishes or atonal double stops" –The Boston Globe.
Duncan first performed with legendary Irish guitarist and singer John Doyle at age 14, and has since collaborated live or in the studio with a diverse array of musicians ranging from multi-platinum rap artist Wyclef Jean, to Irish and Celtic music stars such as John Doyle, Cara Dillon and Cathie Ryan, to jazz greats like Ada Rovatti Brecker, Clay Ross, Matuto and folk, rock and singer songwriter greats like The Duhks and Mark Simos. He has performed at legendary music venues like NYC's Blue Note and the Kennedy Center, and toured with Tapeire, a groundbreaking Celtic, jazz and hip-hop music and dance show from Scotland that was featured on Broadway in NYC.
Duncan also received rave reviews by the Irish times, the Irish Music magazine, Dirty Linen for his debut CD with Traditional Irish trio 'the Red Wellies'.


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